Gamification. Innovation that will increase employee productivity

A quick glance at most organizations show little or no innovation in managing productivity. More often than not, management has depended on same old trick of cracking the whip or upping the pressure or encouraging longer working hours to increase employee productivity with little or no results.

After an extensive research, Wemasoft has developed tools that bring a new flavor in how you manage productivity at work. Wemasoft sort to ensure employees not only account for the hours worked but show output of work done while loving it and getting rewarded for it.

Productivity = Time X Output


Employees are rewarded with points and badges for clocking in and out, planning their week/day in advance, providing progress reports on tasks assigned to them, completing tasks on time and much more.

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eProcurement & Excuses


Objections to new technology and more importantly eProcurement solution is common. While the benefits of eProcurement are self evident - great saving on process cost and time, information at your fingertips, streamlined processes, supplier evaluations and company-wide spend visibility; excuses usually disguised as reasons include:

It's Costly
We don't have the time
It requires a lot of IT
Difficulty in measuring ROI
We are not big enough

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Ten Reasons to Move to the Cloud

The cloud isn’t a technology fad — business across different sectors are moving their entire networks into the cloud, and it has now become a mainstreamed corporate computing model.

At the world stage, Gartner forecasts that Cloud will far outpace market growth through 2015. The question facing majority is how do I jstify moving to the cloud? Besides total economics, I'll take you through several factors that you need to consider:

Total cost of Ownership
Resource costs
Time to value and ease of implementatio
Mobility (Work on the move)
Access to innovation (Automatic Updates)
Ongoing vendor accountability and engagement
Business Continuity
Big Data

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Measuring E-Procurement benefits

The potential for savings to be made from e-procurement is beyond dispute. However, how do you measure savings accruing from e-procurement?

If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it. Measurement drives behavior and is a key element in making a successful program. To achieve tangible results with any Software solution you need consistency, discipline, and accuracy be applied.

In order to calculate recurring benefits, key savings drivers need to be identified and measured against. The key drivers for e-procurement include transactional, payment, management information and price benefits.

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Social Intranet

No longer can we operate in silos, or collect and hoard knowledge on our computers. Successful organizations know that effective communication, knowledge-share and collaboration within the organization is key to their success. A tool that effectively plays the key is the corporate Intranet, and a social Intranet for that matter.

Before we get to social Intranet, let's first understand what an Intranet is. Intranet is derived from the words "intra" and "net". "Intra" simply means within. An intranet therefore is a web within a network or in other words within an organization. Intranets came into being and gained popularity in mid-90s and have since continued to play a central role in increasing organization's competitiveness (Wema Software Solutions). On the other hand, social is people interacting with each other.

A social Intranet combines many of the traditional intranet features such as content management with awesome social features like activity streams and user profiles to provide an effective and usable collaboration, communication, social networking, and workflow environment. Thus a social intranet can be described as one that allows all employees to be co-creators of content, and actively engage with one another over the network.