Accounts Payable

The main steps in processing an invoice are:
Invoice receipt
Invoice verification / Matching
Invoice approval
Invoice payment

When looking at these sequential steps, companies spend a lot of time matching invoice data to the original purchase order (PO) or contract (invoice verifi cation), and acquiring approval (invoice approval). It’s in these areas that technology can increase effi ciency and offer the greatest cost savings.

Wemasoft Enterprise Accounts Payables System (APS) optimizes the process of capturing, verifying, and getting approval with intelligent capture, and electronic workflow capabilities — helping your company save vital time and costs while improving supplier relationships

What are the benefits to you?

Spend Visibility

Delivers spend visibility from start to finish.


Provides customised ERP-independent workflow

Eliminate Human Error

Eliminates human intervention via transfering capturing of invoices to suppliers, and the system verifies against Purchase Order or Contract before submission.

Adherance to Contract limits

The systems checks contract limit, as well as deliverables before approval hence making payments as per contract in place.

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How are the benefits met?

Easy Invoice Capture

With a branded and easy-to-use portal, system allows suppliers to capture their own invoices.

Auto-matching on Invoices

Invoices for PO's are automatically checked to ensure correctness of line items, quantity and price.

Complex business rules

The system is configured to allow multi-level, delegated, or condition-based approval rules with ease without help from IT.

Budget Integration

Set and stay within your planned budgets. Create/Import chart of accounts, and budget by departments, or projects. Requisitioning out-of budget is avoided

Self Service

With unique username and password, employees can log in into the system, place requisition and managers can approve requests as needed.

Contract Integration

The system integrates with contracts module to ensure an invoice that is paid against a contract is correct, and within contractual budget and deliverables

Intranet - Employee productivity

How useful is your organisation’s intranet? More specifically, how useful is the intranet in spurring employee productivity? More often than not, intranets and their homepages are frequently stuffed with generic, company-wide information that has little immediate or actionable use to the individual using it.

Wemasoft is the leading provider of Intranet software for small and Medium enterprises. Wemasoft provide businesses with intranet software that is useful, simple to use and affordable; that empowers your employees to be more productive.

This is the future of Modern workplace. Innovative solution to keep your business on TOP. Employee productivity through the roof.

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Social Employee Directory

"A corporate directory. Only better."

What worries some companies is that too much fun means not enough work.  However, the most successful Intranet deployments are the ones with the most employee interaction.  People need to feel connected - with the organization as well as with their colleagues.

The Social Employee Directory is where employees can connect and network with each other through employee walls, real-time chat, skill-find, employee tagging, status updates, and subscription alerts for true corporate social networking. While our Employee directory has an tones of social capabilities, you can easily disable them or choose who has the corporate social networking capabilities and who does not.

With rich profiles and search capabilities its makes it easy to get to know your colleagues, managers and locate the experts you need to form a team, make decisions and take action, in seconds.


SMS, unlike phone calls, is relatively cheaper and quicker.  90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery and 99% are read eventually. If you're not using mobile marketing, 82% of your competition is. Our SMS system provides reports on SMS that failed and those that were delivered.

Recruitment System

Wema Recruitment Software streamlines job application process effectively. It supports online recruitment, receive online job applications, and short listing of candidates among others.

Wema Recruiting is a web based platform that manages the overall recruitment process. It provides a link on your web site allowing visitors view and apply vacancies you post. On the other hand Wema Recruiting provides a Back Office allowing recruiters to manage the vacancies, CV database and Reports that allow you to efficiently handle the overall recruiting process.