Wemasoft Enterprise E-Procurement System (EEPS) enable you to control the entire purchasing process, from the initial request through to receipt for goods/services received. The software ensures adherence to procurement policies, procedures and budget.

The system will eliminate paperwork, reduce requisition approval time, and lower the number of inquiries the purchasing staff receives. Suitable for companies running as few as 3 procurement employees to 100s of staff members.

The system is integrated, seamlessly integrating E-Procurement, End-to-End Suppliers/Vendor relationship management, Accounts Payables, Budget control, Contract management and Treasury Central Supplier Database into one system though they can be used as stand-alone and also integrates into external systems such as Pastel.

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Order/Travel/Expense request

You can create purchase order request in seconds, file expenses and fill in a travel requisition order when you want. Plus workflow that allows routing based on amount or roles. Upload receipts and other relevant documentation.

Up-to-date Supplier Database

All supplier information, including certifications, and relationship milestones and performance metrics is stored in one place and accessible across the entire organization. The database is kept synchronised with Treasury's Central Supplier Database.

Complex business rules

Users can configure multi-level, delegated, or condition-based approval rules with ease without help from IT. Rules can be set up to change automatically as your business changes.

Budget Integration

Set and stay within your planned budgets. Create/Import chart of accounts, and budget by departments, or projects. Requisitioning out-of budget is avoided

Self Service

With unique username and password, employees can log in into the system, place requisition and managers can approve requests as needed.


We understand that the customer might have some additional needs not currently addressed by the system. Tell us your requirements and we shall build them in.

What are the benefits to you?

Drive Policy adherence

Business rules are coded into the system to ensure they are automatically enforceable by the system.

Full audit trail makes traceability of activity is easy

Cut Cost

  • Lower procurement cost by up to 45%.
  • Eliminate paperwork, hence save on stationery
  • Eliminates rework and errors.

Increased Efficiency

  • Streamline the purchasing process
  • Control and manage all spend
  • Full visibility of committed and incurred costs

Budget Control

  • Approvals are checked against available budget
  • Alert manager when budget is running row
  • Monior budget against spend

Enterprise-wide Visibility

  • Users enjoy permission-based visibility
  • Wholistic visibility - Procurement/Suppliers/Budget

Save Time

  • Everything is self-service anywhere, anytime
  • Automated tasks reduce workload for staff
  • Process cycle is reduced by upto 75%

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