Asset & Inventory Management

 What do I own?

  Where is it?

  What is its condition?

  What is its useful life?

  What is its value?

Asset Management is an integrated approach to monitoring, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets cost-effectively, while maintaining a desired level of service.

Companies are facing a myriad of challenges with regard to asset management including:

 Determining the best time to rehabilitate, repair or replace aging assets

 Diminishing resources, both financial and human capital

 Rising service expectations of customers

 Increasing stringent regulatory requirements

 Responding to emergencies as a result of asset failures

 Protecting loss of assets

We help you solve these problems.

Asset Management System Features

Automated Stock Taking

Take The Manual Work Out Of Your Stock Taking So You Time To Do Thing That Help Your Business Thrive

Unlimited Assets in Unlimited Locations

Keep Track Of Any Asset, Anywhere Without Limits So None Of Your Asset Go Untracked

Track Assets By Employee, Department or Location

Know Who In Business Is Using Stock So You Can Plan Your Resources Accordingly

Custom Reports

Have Your Reports In Way That’s Tailor Made For Your Business Because Not All Businesses Are The Same – Yours Included

View Assets Due for Maintenance

Know When You Need To Maintain Your Asset So You’re Not Stuck Losing Money Because Your Assets Aren’t In Profit Making Condition

Integrate with Evolution

Use Our Software Side By Side With Evolution ERP Giving You More Control Over Your Assets

Inventory Management System Features

Your inventory is one of the most important things in your business. Without it your business would not thrive. So you know how important it is to make sure your inventory well managed. Well managed inventory means profits for your business – We help you manage your inventory so your business can do what makes it thrive.

Monitor Your Low Stock

Now You’ll Know When You’re Running Out Of Stock So You Won’t Getting Any Surprises That will Cost You Money

Stock Usage by Employee or Department

Have Visibility On Who In Your Business is Using Stock So You Can Plan Accordingly

Stock Movement Tracking

Track Where You’re Stock Is At All Times That Way You Can Have Certainty That It’s In The Right Hands Doing What It’s Supposed To Do

Restocking Reminders

Be Reminded To Purchase You’re Stock So You Always Have It Available When You Need It

Multiple Stores & Warehouses

Oversee All Your Stock In All Your Locations With A Few Clicks Of A Button

Integrate with Evolution

Use Our Software Side By Side With Evolution ERP Giving You More Control Over Your Stock

Save Your Time And Money

Contact us and we’ll show you how you can start increasing your bottom line and improve your business productivity

I have worked with Wemasoft twice now for procurement software implementations. They are experts in their field and always deliver fast and within budget.

Stefan Lauber

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