Employee Performance

Employee Performance is an important part of your business. Without high performing employees your business will not achieve the profit and productivity goals you you want. With our Employee Performance software you can improve your employee’s performance.

Managing your employees properly is part what makes your business successful – Ensure that your business thrives by empowering your employees to perform better, faster and more effectively

See The Improvements in Your Employee Performance

Performance Appraisals

Make Sure Your Employees Performance Is Well Documented So You Can Figure Out Who’s Effective For Your Business And Who’s Not

Task Delegation & Reporting

Empower Your Employees To Increase Their Efficiency And Flexibility So You Can The Most Out Of Your Business

Attendance Clock-In & Clock-Out

Know When Your Employees Are Coming In And Out Of Work To Make Sure That You’re Getting The Highest Return On Investment In Your Employees

Time Sheets

Track Your Employee’s Time At Work To Ensure That You’re Getting The Most Productivity Out Of Every Business Day

Meeting Management

Manage Your Meetings Effectively So You And Your Employees Focus On Things That Improve Your Business’s Bottom Line.

Gamify Your Employee Performance

Bring The Fun Into your Employee Productivity With Gamification – Because Bored Employees Are Unproductive Employees

Save Your Time And Money

Contact us and we’ll show you how you can start increasing your bottom line and improve your business productivity

I have worked with Wemasoft twice now for procurement software implementations. They are experts in their field and always deliver fast and within budget.

Stefan Lauber
, Ifundi

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