HR : Employee Management

Employee Management

 Quick search & list employees

 Employee Anniversary

 Employee Anniversary

Employee Birthdays

 Employee / Management feedback

 Quick poll

Staff recognition & Rewards

 Employee directory with detailed profiles

Accounts payable software

Leave Management


  Approval work flow

  Precise and accurate information


  Leave policy awareness

  Enforces compliance with leave policy

  Visibility of employee absence


E-recruitment helps corporate to streamline their recruitment process:

  Job Management

  Resume search & job search by location, experience, skills and qualification

  Interview Scheduler / Communication Management ( Email / SMS)

  Real-time reports and analysis

  Screen candidates

  55% reduction in time to fill

  35% reduction in recruitment administration

Attendance / Clock-In Management

Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance more efficiently to enforce work and pay rules and discipline. Features:

  Quick clock-in/out

  Geographical restriction

  Reminders/Alerts to clock-in

  Multiple clock-in/out in a day

Timesheet Management

Timesheets are used to record the amount of time an employee has spent on a job for a defined time period. Wemasoft E-Timesheet features include:

  Approval workflows

  Create and manage multiple timesheets

  Simplify completion

  Route through your sign off process

  Get more from your data

  Accommodate normal, overtime, & night shift

  Capture mileage covered & odometer reading

  Subsistence & Travel Rates

  Capture expense claims and slips

Meeting Management

Wemasoft Meeting Manager is a powerful cloud-based meeting management system that minimizes time spent while maximizing the productivity of every meeting. It is designed to drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures and align management goals.  Features:

  Create agendas and goals

  Attach files

  Take notes during the meeting,

  Create and assign tasks/action items,

  Send follow up information

Document management

  Quick document search

  Easily create, store, management and distribute electronic documents

  Centralized document management

  Control who has access to documents

  Version control


  Recycle bin

Performance Management (PMP) / Appraisal

  360 employee appraisal

  Evaluate Job outcome/objective, goals and career development

  Rate employee performance per KPI on scale of 1 to 5

  Compare performance over previous reviews

  Identify performance improvement areas

  Allow self assessment, peer-to-peer, and multiple  manager assessment

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