e-Procurement & Excuses

Objections to new technology and more importantly e-Procurement solution is common. While the benefits of e-Procurement are self evident – great saving on process cost and time, information at your fingertips, streamlined processes, supplier evaluations and company-wide spend visibility; excuses usually disguised as reasons include:

  1. It’s Costly
  2. We don’t have the time
  3. It requires a lot of IT
  4. Difficulty in measuring ROI
  5. We are not big enough

1. It’s costly

Money is indeed in short supply. However basing your judgement on the cost alone is tantamount to holding the wrong end of the stick. It’s not just about what you spend but of much import is the value you get of it. If the value, may it be real or perceived, is much higher than the cost then this should justify your purchase.

2. We don’t have the time.

Granted, introducing new technology more often than not, requires a lot of time and commitment. However, eProcurement software can significantly improve your time saving because it reduces the need for manual time-intensive, paper-based
alternatives. Besides it takes almost no time at all to implement a cloud-based solution hence there is no reason to hide behind this excuse.

3. It requires a lot of IT.

Building and maintaining e-Procurement system with your own IT resources would be very expensive and time consuming, but implementing a cloud based system requires little work on your end and is maintained by the vendor at no additional cost; yet it provides all of the functionality you require.

4. Difficulty in Measuring ROI

As expected, some find it difficult measuring the impact or ROI of e-Procurement solution where direct hand cash is not involved.
Measuring value in terms of ROI is at times too confused, an undertaking for numbers sake. Value can also be assessed by understanding what it means by not moving forward or the tangible and intangible values benefits of e-Procurement.

5. We are not big enough.

Small enterprises are increasing adopting e-Procurement. One of my client consist of 2 employees, while another has 4 employees. Thus the true measure of whether you should adopt an e-Procurement solution is what you stand to gain.

While some reasons could be valid, a lot more are founded on fears and the unknowns. Be brave, technology holds a lot of promise for those that get it right. Seek the advice of a consultant if need be; because increased efficiency, saving on cost and time await on the other side.

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