Gamification. Innovation that will increase employee productivity

A quick glance at most organizations show little or no innovation in managing productivity. More often than not, management has depended on same old trick of cracking the whip or upping the pressure or encouraging longer working hours to increase employee productivity with little or no results.

After an extensive research, Wemasoft has developed tools that bring a new flavor in how you manage productivity at work. Wemasoft sort to ensure employees not only account for the hours worked but show output of work done while loving it and getting rewarded for it.

Productivity = Time x Output


Employees are rewarded with points and badges for clocking in and out, planning their week/day in advance, providing progress reports on tasks assigned to them, completing tasks on time and much more.

Managers too earn points for delegating tasks, evaluating tasks delegated, and most importantly for exemplary performance of subordinates.

Employee Recognition

Wemasoft portal recognizes best performing staff members by publishing ‘Featured employee’ of the day or week. This is followed by a personal email. Doing so lets employee know that their hard work is noticed and valued. Employee recognition is a powerful tool that reinforces superior productivity attitude across the organization.

Employee Reward

Like reward programmes for supermarkets and banks, Wemasoft reward system provides a way to redeem points earned for small prizes, or certain privileges, such as an hour off.

Wemasoft reward process puts an end “managerial favoritism” or talk such as, “Oh, it’s Lerato’s turn to get recognized.” Wemasoft system lets every employee know what behavior or actions are being recognized and rewarded and assures them that no one person will be favored over the other.

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