How useful is your organisation’s intranet? More specifically, how useful is your intranet in spurring employee productivity? More often than not, intranets and their homepages are frequently stuffed with generic, company-wide information that has little immediate or actionable use to the individual using it.

Wemasoft is the leading provider of Intranet software for small and medium enterprises. Wemasoft provide businesses with intranet software that is useful, simple to use, affordable and empowers your employees to be more productive.

See The Improvements in your Employee Productivity

Gamify Your Productivity

Bring The Fun Into your Employee Productivity – Because Bored Employees Are Unproductive Employees

Customize It To Suit You

Every Business is Different Including Yours – Customize Our Employee Productivity Software To Match Your Business’s Needs

Easy Collaboration

Now Your Employees Can Collaborate On Tasks Efficiently And Effectively. No Work Will Be Lost Due To Communication Breakdowns

Manage Your Documents

Your Documents Are Stored In A Centralized Place So You Will No Longer Have To Worry About Missing & Disorganized Documents

Keynote Features

  Document sharing & management

  Announcements, success stories & blogs

  Corporate calendar & events management

  Advanced Search Capabilities

  Employee feedback

  Employee Profile Pages

  Social Employee Directory


  Notifications / alerts

  Tasks manager

Save Your Time And Money

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I have worked with Wemasoft twice now for procurement software implementations. They are experts in their field and always deliver fast and within budget.

Stefan Lauber
, Ifundi

Simple Intranet for Small and Medium Enterprises

Imagine all your people, content and documents in one central, instantly searchable place.

Wemasoft Intranet Software provides companies the ability to share ideas, share documents, collaborate on projects, gather employee feedback and keep employees connected on a single portal regardless of geographical location.


A collection of user preferred content into widgets. User can re-arrange their dashboard to their preference. Widgets include:

  Featured News/article

  Featured employee


  Employees birthday

  Employee Anniversary


  Reminders / alerts

E-Procurement software

Employee Directory

  Quick list / search employees

  Organisational Skills search

  View complete details of employees

  Automatically generated Organisational Organogram

Document management

  Quick document search

  Easily create, store, management and distribute electronic documents

  Centralized document management

  Control who has access to documents

  Version control


  Recycle bin


Use Wemasoft corporate intranet CMS to:

  Share news and success stories

  Enhance and support culture

  Promote your corporate values, mission statement

  Share annual company goals

  Improve employee engagement

E-forms & Workflow

Simple automated workflows help streamline approval workflows and help automate basic business processes.

  Online forms

  Automated approval workflows

Tasks Management

  Create a task and delegate it

  Track delegate task progress

  Collaborate on task with colleagues

  Follow tasks that you have an interest in

  Report progress on task

  Evaluate and provide feedback on task performed

  Monitor progress without asking for updates

  Prioritize tasks


Create unlimited calendars for each user, department or project and use them to manage events, resources, and/or tasks. Features:

  Easy to add calendar events and schedules

  Make your own custom calendars

  Add an event and choose to make it public or private

Supplier invoice management software

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